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致网友: “龙南在线”网站是由一位七十岁中班的老年人自办的个人主页。 如今经历了十八个春秋的凤凤雨雨坚持办成了现在的这个样子。本版 主就是运用“龙南在线”这个平台坚持了十八年的晚年写实记录了所闻 所见,有时也吐露了心声,得到了网友们的理解和支持,从而更加坚 定了坚持办好主页的决心和信心。感谢众多网友们的鼓励帮助支持和 理解,借此机会向网友们致以最崇高的敬意!现在版主在想:如果健 康能给做主,本版主是将本站坚持办下去,希望全国各地的和国外的 网友们继续给予帮助和支持!友情万岁!万万岁!谢谢!!!!

To netizens:
The "Longnan Online" website is a personal homepage run by a 70-year-old middle-class senior. Feng Feng Yuyu, who has gone through eighteen springs and autumns, insisted on doing it as it is now.This edition The main purpose is to use the "Longnan Online" platform to record what he has heard and persisted for 18 years in his later years. What I saw, sometimes confided in my heart, gained the understanding and support of netizens, and became more firm. Make up the determination and confidence to persist in running the homepage well.Thanks to many netizens for their encouragement, help, support and Understand, take this opportunity to pay the highest tribute to netizens!Now the moderator is thinking: If Jian Kang Neng is the master, this moderator is to stick to this site. I hope that people from all over the country and abroad Netizens continue to give help and support!Long live friendship!Long live!Thank you!!
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